Shen Jiaxi 沈佳熹 Fine Nudity @ IMISS愛蜜社

Age: 25 Birthday: December 10 Zodiac sign: A Sagittarius Height: 162 Measurements: B84(E) W56 H86 Born: Zhengzhou, Henan, China Occupation: Models, actresses, push girls Interests: Travel, beauty, fashion Kitty星辰 or Shen Jiaxi 沈佳熹 has been very busy doing nudes lately. Here she is doing some Fine Nudity @ IMISS愛蜜社 No.114. Enjoy!

IMISS爱蜜社 VOL.344 夏小秋秋秋 Xia Xiao Qiu Returns!

夏小秋秋秋 Xia Xiao Qiu was doing great things for the Chinese gravure scene when everyone was doing crap! To say she is ‘unique’ is an awful understatement.

IMISS爱蜜社 2019.03.28 VOL.335 恩一 | Un-Seethru

Enyi 恩一 already has some naked sets so we know how she looks like. At this point, the boosting is not about appealing, selling or any of that. Instead, I believe, this SOBs are plainly retarrdded! Also, censoring a see through? WTF!?

IMISS爱蜜社 VOL.332 酥小白Su Xiao Bai | Naked&Boosted

I purposedly decided to make the first picture one of the most ridiculously boosted images I have seen so far. It is so bad, that it would seem her tit is projecting some kind of force on the bed, make the whole on the bed nearby her chest look super deep. what a fucking assholeRead more